Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Animation of US Air flight 1549 Hudson River Landing

It's amazing what computer graphic artists can create. Attached is a recreation of the US Airways Flight 1549 from takeoff to touchdown, with ACTUAL Air Traffic Control (ATC) radio transmissions synchronized. A neat perspective of how quickly the crew had to react to realize the outcome they experienced. The time elapsed is way quicker than most people realize.

Special Notes ( from JCO):

1) Note the ATC refers to the flight as "Cactus" before saying the flight number. This is the former call sign of America West who merged with US Air a few years ago and after the merger they assumed their call sign.

2) The total time from the beginning of roll out to "landing" is just less than 3 minutes. This video starts just after rotation (the time the plane leaves the ground). AMAZING how quick AFTER the bird strike the Captain reacted.

3) Thruout the ATC transmissions, the tower refers to the flight as other numbers than it's actual number (1549) ..... At one point you can hear Captain Sullenberger refer to his flight as "49" and the controller finally realizes his error.

4) While the voice you hear is Capt. Sullenberger, at initial takeoff First Officer Stiles had control of the aircraft and Sullenberger assumed control immediately after the strike in a seemingly seamless transition and being level headed and a quick thinker saved all on board.

Here is a link to the video if you have a problem playing it: Watch it Here:

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